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Generic name bupropion pronunciation byoo pro pee on .

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in a study of 15 male subjects ages 19 to 35 years who were extensive metabolizers of the cyp2d6 isoenzyme, daily doses of bupropion given as 150 mg twice daily followed by a single dose of 50 mg desipramine increased the c max , auc, and t 1 2 of desipramine by an average of approximately 2-, 5- and 2-fold, respectively.
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org starting in 2001 7 , and the first medical report on a case of recreational bupropion use appeared in 2002 8.
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bupron sr 150 aka zyban, bupropion, wellbutrin, forfivo, aplenzin – is a potent medication that is used to treat nicotine dependence , as well as depression and major depressive disorder.
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i am on bupropion hcl xl 300 mg been on this for about 6 months.
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