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Nevertheless, it s the convenient shorthand that most psychiatrists carry around in their heads with respect to dopamine and serotonin the two neurotransmitters which, at least in the current vernacular,...

Nevertheless, it s the convenient shorthand that most psychiatrists carry around in their heads with respect to dopamine and serotonin the two neurotransmitters which, at least in the current vernacular, are responsible for a significant proportion of pathological behavior and psychiatric symptomatology , abilify is not an all-or-none drug.

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he was on abilify 10 mg for 4 years and now 15 mg for 1 year.
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you may experience increases in your blood sugar while taking abilify and may be at an increased risk for developing diabetes.
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at the end of 2 weeks, patients demonstrating inadequate response ymrs total score 16 and 25 improvement on the y-mrs total score to lithium or valproate were randomized to receive either abilify 15 mg day or an increase to 30 mg day as early as day 7 or placebo as adjunctive therapy with open-label lithium or valproate.

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