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Ampicillin; sulbactam minor displacement of penicillins from plasma protein binding sites by highly protein bound drugs like digoxin will elevate the level of free penicillin in the serum. !–more– a...

Ampicillin; sulbactam minor displacement of penicillins from plasma protein binding sites by highly protein bound drugs like digoxin will elevate the level of free penicillin in the serum.

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you will need to discuss the benefits and risks of using ampicillin while you are pregnant.
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the addition of an aminoglycoside with ampicillin may increase its effectiveness against gram-negative bacteria.
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while ampicillin for injection, usp 1 g and 2 g, are primarily for intravenous use, they may be administered intramuscularly when the 250 mg or 500 mg vials are unavailable.

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