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Rx access prepares all the clarinex application paperwork so you can successfully apply for merck s clarinex prescription assistance and any other pap programs you might qualify for all for a nominal monthly fee that starts only if and when you are accepted into the pap program.

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patients should be informed that due to its pseudoephedrine component, they should not use clarinex-d 24 hour with a monoamine oxidase mao inhibitor or within 14 days of stopping use of an mao inhibitor.
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in the clarinex-treated subjects, there was a mean increase in the maximum heart rate of 9.
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clarinex-d extended release tablets should not be used in patients receiving monoamine oxidase mao inhibitor therapy or within fourteen 14 days of stopping such treatment as an increase in blood pressure or hypertensive crisis, may occur.
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information regarding acute overdosage with clarinex-d is limited to experience from post-marketing adverse event reports and from clinical trials conducted during the development of the clarinex product.

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